DayZ Experimental Update Implements Persistent Loot

By   /   Jul 27, 2014

A new update of DayZ has been launched on the experimental servers, which changes the game’s loot system and now ensures that the servers will no longer need to be restarted for the loot to spawn.

Implementation of the new persistent loot system also means that if a player was to drop an item, it should still be there in the exact spot even after a server restart. Players no longer have to fear their loot disappearing or new ones not spawning.

Aside from the addition of persistent loot, there are other experimental updates as well which include the following:

  • New Tracksuit Jacket that comes in green, blue, red and black variants.
  • New CR-527 Carbine weapon, with a five round magazine.
  • New Tanker Helmet.
  • New and improved Matchbox textures.
  • New models and animations of Cows and Bulls.
  • New gear that includes Paramedic Jacket, Red EMT Gear, Pants and etc.

According to previous statements, the developer is working on “developing vehicles” and the next couple of updates might see to the addition and improvement of some.

Earlier this month a 700MB patch was released for the Standalone version that included a lot of new features, and brought a number of fixes to previously reported game issues. Bohemia Interactive has cured the animations for leather backpack crafting, breaking apart backpacks, meat duplication and eating meat from the fireplace, painting the 75AKM drum magazine, etc. You can read on the entire changelog here.

via IncGamers

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