Xbox One Sold For $45 at Best Buy, What?

By   /   Jul 26, 2014

Some of the consumers in Canada must have been really surprised as they logged into Best Buy Canada today, only to realize that Xbox One console bundled with Rayman Legends is up for grab at the price of $45 CAD.

So many people after seeing this offer ordered the console, but Best Buy as of now has cancelled almost all of them.

Xbox One

However, few of the clever consumers did manage to avail this offer and managed to take away the Xbox One by paying $44.99 only.

One of the Reddit users is among the lucky ones as he managed to purchase the console for just 45 CAD. He explains how he was able take advantage of the mistake done by the website.

Saw on the app this morning that the Xbox One with Rayman was priced at $44.99, took a screenshot of it and then did a reserve in store.

Received an email confirming that my order was ready for pickup. Went to customer service desk and they rang the total in as something around $600 tax in. I mentioned that they will have to do a price override because they forgot to check the price of the actual order.

Managers were called, employees were confused as to why it was so cheap. Manager 100% agreed to sell it as the advertised price because them accepting the order in the first place, was a mistake on some employees fault for not checking the price.

The user also attached the receipt, which you can see in the image below:

Xbox One

The original pricing has now been restored though, but the user who did manage to get his hands on the console, will be feeling a lot happier after availing this opportunity.

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