The Last of Us Movie May Star Maisie Williams From Game of Thrones

By   /   Jul 26, 2014

We have had plethora of hearsays and speculated to our full, but at last we have something worthwhile on award-winning Playstation exclusive The Last of Us which is on its way on becoming a major motion picture.

Sam Raimi, who directed the original Spider-Man trilogy and produced various survival horror movies made the announcement at San Diego ComicCon 2K14. Following the announcement, Sony Pictures Entertainment teased an image for the film showing Ellie (one of the major characters from the game/movie) holding a flick knife in her hand.

The producer of the film, Sam Raimi seemed pretty excited for the project, describing it as a great character journey, a great love story, and a great horror fiction:

It’s gonna be a great character journey, a great love story, and great horror fiction.

Although no casting decisions were made, it is being reported that Maisie Williams will assume the role of 14 years old survivor Ellie. Currently, Maisie Williams appears in HBO’s widely-acclaimed TV show Game of Thrones as Arya Stark.

Maisie Williams’ acting skills are indeed unquestionable and if this becomes official, she will most certainly play an amazing Ellie. Ellie, who is always shown as a mature girl beyond her years is something Maisie has been doing for a quite a long as Arya Stark.

Moreover, considering the age factor, actresses like Ellen Page, Jennifer Lawrence, and Emma Watson can easily be ruled out. Still, until everything goes official, we can only speculate things.

On a side note, who would you like to assume the role of Joel? Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, or someone else? Let us know!

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