Tekken 7 First Details and Concept Art Revealed at San Diego ComicCon 2014

By   /   Jul 26, 2014

Delivering his promise, Katsuhiro Harada revealed a new trailer for Tekken 7 at Bandai Namco’s Fighting Game Panel at San Diego ComicCon 2014.

Although most of the fans were rooting for an in-game footage, the released trailer is merely an extended version of the teaser video released during Fighting Championship EVO 2K14. Addressing this issue, Bandai Namco has stated that they not yet ready to show the gameplay since they are still finalizing the game mechanics. Nonetheless, it indeed is swarming with loads of information and leaves a massive room for speculations.

The trailer begins with a decades old flashback showing Kazumi Mishima sitting in the same mysterious temple which was shown in the teaser trailer. The trailer further progresses to show current-day with Kazuya encountering Heihachi on apparently the same volcanoes where Raven tries to kill Heihachi in Tekken 5.

An interesting thing to note here is that Kazuya transforms into his Devil Form and then into a female version of it, implying that Kazumi might be a playable character in the game. Moreover, we also heard Kazumi saying, “Kazuya was born with my powers,” which leaves room to speculate from where exactly devil gene came?

The next part is somewhat ambiguous. We hear Kazumi saying, “who knows what Heihachi will do to several others,” followed by flashbacks to Miguel’s sister’s death, Tougou’s death, Leo’s mother death, Jinpachi’s death, and Eddy/Christie’s grandpa’s death; none of these deaths are on Heihachi.

After several flashbacks of previous instalments, the most unexpected thing happens; Heihachi Mishima shedding a tear! Things are going to get real ugly.

Some other notable features of the game are provided below:

  • Tekken 7 will feature character designs of seven guest artists, including Mari Shimazaki, Yusuke Kozaki, Ninnin, and Kenichiro Yoshimura
  • Shinji Aramaki will be directing Tekken 7
  • The game will address questions like why Heihachi threw Kazuya down a ravine and how Kazumi died
  • Kazuya and Kazumi will not speak English in the game
  • Tekken 7 will be played in 1 vs. 1 perspective
  • Tekken 7 will be developed in a way to make it more approachable by North American audience
  • The game will feature network features like in Tekken Tag Tournament II
  • Lars Alexanderson will return to Tekken 7

Furthermore, we also received some of the concept images made Mari Shimazaki and Ninnin:

As of now, Bandai Namco has not provided a release date or expected platform, but it looks like the game will skip last generation of consoles.

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