Star Citizen Gets New Screenshots and Video to Showcase Its Progress

By   /   Jul 26, 2014

Star Citizen is by far the most anticipated space game in development and the game’s funding goals clearly show that the demand of the title is not going to slow down anytime soon.

To show the fans how the game is shaping up to be, Cloud Imperium has released bunch of new screenshots and a work in progress video of the game.

The video, which you can see above, shows multiple different locations from the game as developers give out their names and some history behind them.

The focus of the video is on couple of environments named as Planet Stanton III and Dumpers’ Depot scrap shop, and both of them are looking amazing, considering that the game is still in its beta phase.

Cloud Imperium in the video also clarifies that few of the planets are currently supporting the day and night cycle, but eventually all the available planets will have a day/night cycle.

In addition to the video, Star Citizen has also received numerous new screenshots highlighting the racing and courier spaceship Origin M50.

Check out the newly revealed screenshots in the gallery below:

Star Citizen is currently in development stages and developers have started to roll out the early build for the backers. The full release of the game is scheduled to happen sometime in 2015.

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