The Order 1886 Devs Share New Concept Art, Talk About Story

By   /   Jul 26, 2014

Is it just me or everyone is getting a bit weary of the ever so slow campaign being run by The Order 1886 developers where they share one or two images at a time, on regular intervals and since seemingly the beginning of time?

Well, they are at it again, Ready at Dawn shared a couple of new concept art pieces where one shows off the city at large and the other two compare specific locations as seen in the game with their real life pictures from around the same time period.

The first screenshot they shared depicts the Neo Victorian city of London as seen from up above. You can see airships in the sky and trains on the ground amidst a foggy and overly smoky London. The description reads:

“Airships patrol the London skies and electric trains traverse the city on elevated tracks, as the citizens of Mayfair stroll about, unknowing of the unstable peace that surrounds the city in this concept art from The Order: 1886.”

Then there are the comparison images that show us the difference between the real Mayfair from back in the days and it’s the Order 1886 iteration, and a similar contrast of the Big Ben.

On their Twitter profile, the developer also shared their reason behind the extensive importance given to story when someone remarked that they should be making movies rather than games if they wish to give so much importance to story. Their reply was that ‘story is pretty important to not just our games, but many development studios around the world.’

In the same conversation it was also hinted that more gameplay videos will be released for the game soon.

What do you think of The Order 1886?

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