Gears of War for Xbox One has More Resources to Bring Out the True Potential of Franchise

By   /   Jul 26, 2014

The new Gears of War for Xbox One is not only being developed by more enthusiastic batch of developers, but also has far more resources than any of the former instalments, Rod Fergusson of Black Tusk Studios has stated.

Rod Fergusson, who previously worked at Epic Games, held the position of senior producer of Gears of War franchise, recently joined Black Tusk Studios to watch over the development of the forthcoming game.

Fergusson isn’t bothered by the absence of Gears of War veteran developers like Cliff Bleszinski or Chris Perna since he believes that game making is not related to individual persons, but to the whole team and he is really excited to see the sheer amount of energy at Black Tusk Studios:

They are obviously great friends and collaborators – it’s not one person makes something, it’s a team effort – but what I’m really excited about is just the pure energy that’s at Black Tusk.

Fergusson also stated that working on the same franchise eventually becomes a monotonous task, but this is different at Black Tusk Studios. At Black Tusk, there is a whole new pool of energy and people are excited for what they are doing. He also mentioned long runs of multiplayer mode and horde mode at the office.

Speaking of his past experiences and future of Gears of War, he stated that the original team always lacked resources which hindered the true potential of the franchise. However, at this new studio, there are a lot more opportunities because the team has right resources.

We always had the smallest team possible; we were always sort of understaffed and overworked so we weren’t able to fully take advantage of what the franchise could do.

So one of the other reasons I’m excited about having Gears of War at Microsoft is that we can actually see Gears do more than just any one particular instance. There are just a lot more opportunities because we have more resources to do that.

Now although there isn’t much that is revealed, but one thing is certain, Gears of War for Xbox One is going to be huge. With Gamescom approaching ahead, it would be nice to see a small trailer or any look at the game.

Thanks, Official Xbox One Magazine.

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