The Red Solstice Adds New Map And Female Models

By   /   Jul 25, 2014

Early Access title The Red Solstice has pushed out Update v1.78 on Steam. It adds more content to the survival game, as well as playable female characters.

It’s a hot topic right now to have or not have female models for your game and The Red Solstice is rightfully cashing in on that momentum. More so, since its title features heavily armored characters, it can also use the sexualizing issues in games to its advantage.

The result is aptly designed. Aside from minor facial differences, the female marines retain a fully-clad look. There’s no real way to make a ton of metal or a giant gun look feminine, so it really shouldn’t be.

Along with the new characters, The Red Solstice also launches a new map, called the Science Sector. This is only the second map to make it to the game, but given the first is dubbed the Central Sector, it’s likely that more will branch from there.

As such, you’ll need to survive the campaign in the Central map, before being able to move towards the Science Sector. Still, if the host has the new location unlocked, you’ll be able to participate there as well.

The Red Solstice is a survival game based on cooperative gameplay. Up to 8 players can bond together in a grueling alien environment and simply try to not die in the many perils that surround them.

There’s a distinct somber atmosphere from whence creature mobs spawn and rush the team. Those that are able to fend off attackers for an hour or so can claim victory for their side.

On Early Access The Red Solstice is 40% off its normal price of $19.99. Even though the model requires a lot of interaction with others, which significantly increases the chances for failure, there’s a decent potential to make a uniquely bonding game here.

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