PayDay 2 Devs Organizing CrimeFest to Give Out Free Stuff

By   /   Jul 25, 2014

Overkill Software, the team behind the incredible heist games PayDay and PayDay 2, is going to give free stuff to its community to celebrate the third anniversary of the franchise.

The goal for getting the free stuff is very simple, as you will only have to get registered to PayDay 2 Steam page and increase the community count to 1.5 Million until 18th of October.

Now, this goal seems very much in reach as already, the game has managed to gain almost 1,000,000 members and there is a huge possibility that by October 18th, more members would join in to play this incredible title and get the free goodies.

Overkill Software has set different milestones and with every milestone achieved, the community will get some free stuff, check out the details on the most notable goals given below:

  • Upon reaching 1,150,000 members, developers will include Old Hoxton Heist
  • Upon reaching 1,200,000 members, developers will allow players to play as Old Hoxton
  • Upon reaching 1,450,000 members, develoeprs will inlcude enemy From Gensec

However, the details on the final goal of 1.5 million are not shared at all, with all set to be revealed, only when the community count will surpass that number.

This sure seems a great idea, as it will not only increase the player count of PayDay 2, but it will also help put it on the big map, which could prove to be a huge step up for the game.

To get full details on the Crimefest’s milestones, you can check out the Overkill Software’s official website.

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