Documentary Super Game Jam Adds Episode 2 And 3

By   /   Jul 25, 2014

It’s been a while since Super Game Jam brought out new content for its episodic merger between game and documentary. So, the latest update to the project has added not one, but two episodes to watch and play.

In this event filmed around the world, five teams of two game developers will each try to create something new in just 48 hours. For their theme, they’ll be given one word from the previous group.

Episode 2 of Super Game Jam goes to Berlin for its documentary. We follow Dominik Johann, developer from Impetus, along with Christoffer Hedborg of Might and Delight’ Shelter titles.

Together, they’ll be tasked to make something with the strange theme of “gardening,” given to them by the previous group, comprised of Luftrausers and Ibb & Obb developers. The game in the second episode is called Blossom and bears a strong resemblance to interplanetary gardening game Cosmochoria.

Super Game Jam 3

For Episode 3, Super Game Jam leaves Europe and heads over to Oakland, where Adam Drucker will host a jam, together with Sos Sosowski. Drucker is mostly known as musician Doseone, while Sosowski is a prolific jam designer, responsible for comical titles like McPixel.

Together, they’ll be assigned the term “family” from their previous group. This leads the two to make a chaotic multiplayer game, called Catch of Death.

Along with the documentaries available in Super Game Jam, the project also allows its users to play the finished products seen in the footage. In the first episode, the duo of developers made a racing game based on a “breakup” theme, called Navigator.

Currently, Super Game Jam is available at a 20% discount off its normal price of $19.99. This grants access to all five episodes, which are yet to feature developers of games like Hotline Miami and Gunpoint.

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