After Reset RPG Retries Kickstarter, Early Impressions Video

By   /   Jul 25, 2014

Developer Black Cloud Studios has returned to Kickstarter for its roleplaying game (RPG) After Reset. It wants to recreate the feeling of old RPG classics, such as the Fallout series and Baldur’s Gate.

After Reset uses the post-apocalyptic setting, where everything lays around rusted and decayed in a nuclear fallout desert. Gameplay will be viewed from above, though it does have a free camera to see it from all angles.

You’ll wake in some sort of laboratory, prior to taking on the desert environment of yellow and brown objects. It definitely likes Fallout that way.

Naturally, there will be combat aplenty in after Reset. It will make use of D&D dice designs for battles, set in real-time. On your travels, you’ll meet up with other characters to make up a party, which can extend to up to eight members.

Companions may be incompatible with each other. Depending on your character stats, interactions with others may also vary.

After Reset RPG

After Reset RPG

In its previous Kickstarter campaign, After Reset largely failed to raise a sum of $900,000 for its overly ambitious plans. Therefore, it has decided to considerably scale back and make this an episodic RPG.

Piecing off content is an often used tactic for failing games, which is always a little shady. Still, with just $35,000 as a new target, After Reset already managed to obtain its prime funding goal with still weeks left to grow.

As funds increase, After Reset will add chapters, to eventually climb up to the content size of both the first and second Fallout titles combined. Currently, the basic tier will open up just the prologue to the whole thing.

This first tier of content should become available this fall. Additionally, After Reset will be looking to Early Access on Steam.

If you’re interested in After Reset, a game that also includes the prologue starts at a donation of $20 on Kickstarter. We’ve discussed the game’s atmosphere and technical quality in the video above.

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