So the New Steam Controller Design Apparently Has a Thumbstick

By   /   Jul 24, 2014

The folks at Valve have once again revised their design for the Steam Controller and with each change; it looks like Valve is taking on a more traditional approach.

When the controller was first announced, it contained a weird little touch-pad and small button-lings. However, Valve decided to get rid of the central touch-screen for eight buttons; a d-pad and standard A, B, X, Y buttons. And although it was a decent upgrade, now the company has decided to do away with the d-pad and replace it with an analogue stick.

Here’s a quick look at both versions in case you missed it previously:

Steam Controller

Steam Controller New

The images of latest design were pulled out of latest Steam client beta by SteamDB and Facepunch Forums and can be viewed below:

Steam Controller

It is too early to say whether Valve is just considering this design or actually producing it, but for people who are more inclined towards traditional approach, the analogue stick will definitely prove to be a worthwhile addition. And even if you don’t plan to use it, both LP and RP are still available on the most updated controller; LP and RP are small touch-pads which presumably can be used for movement.

A little addition that I would like them to incorporate is some textured material on top of the analogue stick. That would be a win-win. What do you say?

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