Steam Music Open Beta is Now Live, Sign up Now

By   /   Jul 24, 2014

Valve Corporation, the owners, took to the official Steam Community website to announce that the days of the closed beta for Steam music were over. Now it is the time for open invites to everyone who wishes to try out the new features and groove to the beat while playing some games, or not.

Anyhow, here’s the shortest of announcements that they made regarding the open beta:

“Steam Music features are now available to all users who opt into the Steam Client Beta. Give the new features a try, and of course, send feedback our way in the discussions.”

The news got viral immediately as, well, everyone loves music.

However, don’t get too excited about it, if I put it simply it is just an MP3 player. Yes it comes with the additional benefit that you will be able to access the player in-game and through the Steam overlay but then again, it isn’t really world-shattering.

That being said it does come with a tiny bit of convenience per say the use of the player while in Big Picture mode to churn out some custom tunes.

Also it could be used in the future to keep you up on the latest DLC soundtracks that you buy. Currently these soundtracks get moved to the Steam folder while the player could crank them up for you automatically.

It does make sense that Valve is offering such a service though, after all they have plans of launching Steam Machine and the Steam Controller too!

We don’t know about the future plans of Valve but for now check out the Steam Music open beta and tell us what you think.

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