The Sims 4: Each World Has Its Own Personality, Maxis Introduces Oasis Springs

By   /   Jul 24, 2014

In a new post made on the game’s official website, developer Maxis has highlighted the differences between the different areas or locations inside The Sims 4.

Referring to them as “vibrant worlds,” Maxis talked about how each area has its own personality and that the world is designed in a way to encourage players to roam about.

Recapping the Willow Creek, Maxis described it as a “very green, bountiful” world that should feel familiar to longtime fans. In contrast Oasis Springs is completely different and has a rocky landscape, that should be reminiscent of Lucky Palms and Lunar Lakes.

The gorgeous desert landscapes can also be viewed in the Oasis Springs’ park, which has locations fit for a BBQ session. The parks are said to be made on a large scale and will feature multiple buildings, sitting areas, and the like.

Each world will features objects that are exclusive to that specific area. For example, Oasis Springs would have objects that cannot be found in Willow Creek and vice versa. In this way, making a food delicacy would require ingredients from different areas, and hence the roaming aspect. In this case Oasis Springs has carrots, while Willow Creek is known for its onions. Players will have to travel a bit to put together that perfect recipe.

Expect other surprises as well. “Amongst the rocky edges [of Oasis Springs] you may even find an old water pump, long forgotten, but brimming with unexpected life,” reads the post.

The Sims 4 is scheduled for release on the PC on September 2.

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