Retailer Pegs GTA V For November 7 Release

By   /   Jul 24, 2014

Unofficial release dates for GTA V continue to surface the web. This time it’s retailer GameSeek who has pegged the game’s release on November 7 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Over a week ago, we had Danish retailer Coolshop list the game on its website for a November 14 release date. Even before that we have had countless other assumptions of the game releasing here and there around the month of November.

Everything is unofficial though and Rockstar Games is testing our patience. The developer has yet to announce a specific date, and for now has only promised a release date in fall.

Unfortunately with the amount of games being delayed this year, I fear that unless we get to hear a 2014 release date directly from the horse’s mouth, there’s always the chance of seeing it being pushed back to 2015.

The next-gen version of GTA V was announced last month during Sony’s press conference at E3. Special content has been hinted for the PlayStation 4 version, but we’ve yet to know whether this will be exclusive to the console or just another time-exclusive deal.

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