PlayStation 4 to Get 3D Blu-Ray Support, Thanks Xbox One

By   /   Jul 24, 2014

Now while the news about 3D Blu-ray support on PlayStation 4 is big in itself, I am sure you must be wondering why on earth am I thanking their archrival for the arrival of such a feature? The answer is simple, had it not been for Xbox One’s announcement of the same, I doubt if Sony would have been so quick about releasing the feature to their console.

What really happened was that the PlayStation Europe tweeted recently, teasing about the PlayStation 4 Update 1.75 saying:

“Coming soon: PS4 System Software Update 1.75 adds 3D Blu-ray film support.”

That’s all pretty cool in itself, but the PlayStation US went a little ahead and announced the a more precise release date for the update, see the tweet below.

Go a little backwards and you will see that this announcement has literally come at the tail of Microsoft’s announcement that Xbox One August update will add 3D Blu-ray support for the console. The preview phase of the update is scheduled to begin next week and the week after that, you will be able to watch 3D videos on the console.

Apparently, this gave life to some of the wires that had been dead at Sony ever since the console launch last year and the decided not to give Xbox One any kind of edge over their console in terms of features.

We are not sure if the PlayStation 4 update 1.75 would be released in Europe on the same day as North America or not, but it is clear that the latter is going to get 3D Blu-ray support by the next week.

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