Neverwinter Has A Pricey Dragonborn Now…Uh, Wait

By   /   Jul 24, 2014

So, two things: One, there’s a Dragonborn race in Neverwinter now. That’s probably going to be confusing to many, now that the colloquial use of the term has been taken by The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Secondly, this race of actual dragon people, not humans with cow horn helmets, is currently only available in a Dragonborn Legend pack. That pack costs a whopping €71.24, from a normal price of an even higher €94.99.

That’s a lot of cash for an otherwise free-to-play massively multiplayer online (MMO) game. There are 12 items included in the Dragonborn Legend pack, but it’s doubtful every player wants all that filler content, just to be able to play with an actual dragon person.

So, aside from the race itself, the set comes with a Heart of the Dragon artifact that allows players to breathe fire. Dragonborn do extra damage with this item.

A Ring of Dragon Slaying provides additional damage to dragon enemies. There’s also an additional character slot provided and extra inventory room.

Several enchantments are also included in the Legend package. A first, The Gemfinder Enchantment, summons a Will O’ the Wisp to pick up gems while fighting.

Dragon glyphs enhance weapons with elemental fury and heightened defenses. Finally, The Draconic Enchantment raises either three defensive or offensive stats.

For equipment, the Dragonborn Legend Pack adds two fashion sets, one Ceremonial and one fit for a warrior. Moreover, the Bahamut Regalia that is usually only available through events, yields five pieces of powerful gear from the dragon god.

As a handy bonus, the package also possesses an account-wide token that allows holders to change the race of all their characters to Dragonborn, while retaining their gear.

Items will be added to the account when Module 4 of Neverwinter, Tyranny of Dragons, launches on August 14, 2014. Or, you know, keep playing the game for free, because that is a ton of money for essentially one race.

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