Mobile Pokémon-Like RPG Band of Monsters Now Free

By   /   Jul 24, 2014

Developer Kemco has made its roleplaying game (RPG) Band of Monsters free on mobile devices. Both iOS and Android versions can now be picked up instantly for an undetermined amount of time, instead of their normal price of $7.99.

Kemco has done so to thank its community for downloading another one of its RPG titles, Machine Knight, over a million times. That mobile game is free as well, in case you’re really into the pixel art 2D style.

In particular, fans of Pokémon-style gameplay should be looking to Band of Monsters. It features over 170 monsters that can be captured with a musical combat element.

Once caught, monsters can be used in battle against other enemies, which enhances the party’s experience. Throw in some tall grass where these creatures reside and you really have a ton of Pokémon inspiration.

Additionally, Band of Monsters allows you to breed your own crop of critters. By combining two monsters together, you can get a new one, which works similar to Shin Megami Tensei’s Persona system.

Be warned: You’ll need to cut through a lengthy introduction of the game’s premise for the off-the-rails monsters  in the world and that at the hand of some cheesy dialogue. It’s going to take about half an hour of that, before you’re thrown into the pixel art world to catch your first squad.

Aside from regular play, Band of Monsters brings the Pokémon vibe home completely by offering competitive play against others online. Some in-game purchases are available, but they shouldn’t be necessary to complete a playthrough.

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