Minecraft’s Biggest and Most Detailed Multiplayer Server is Being Made

By   /   Jul 24, 2014

A small group is working on to create the largest and most detailed server of Minecraft and they have decided to name it “Aerna.”

People behind this project are claiming that this will be the largest server that will be available in Minecraft to date. It will take about 84 GB of hard disk space and will consist of 102,400 blocks across.

Here’s what the team behind Aerna have to say about their work:

We have a highly skilled team of builders that create towns and countries with large amounts of detail. We have cultures rich in history and recognizable architectural styles and themes.

The team is looking to create a vast universe, in which there will be towns that will contain responsive NPCs alongside shops and buildings which players will be able to enter and see the interior.

In addition to aforementioned stuff, there will also be large number of quests for players to complete as they explore the server and visit different towns available.

Currently, this server is going through the creation process, but it is looking quite promising as the people behind it are committed to their work and want to bring an amazing server to the players.

For regular updates on Minecraft Aerna server, you can bookmark its official website.

Source: Minecraft Forums

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