Metal Gear Solid V Might See the Return of Volgin, Thanks to Play Arts Kai Figures

By   /   Jul 24, 2014

Comic Con San Diego 2014 has officially kicked off with tons of cool stuff, surprises, and room for rumours and speculations. One of the coolest things at the event is the possible inclusion of Neil Ross AKA Colonel Volgin in Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Earlier today, Square Enix showcased its new line of Play Arts Kai action figurines that contained the company’s re-imagined versions of famous game/comics characters.

Among its vast line-up, 4chan spotted the complete possible cast of Metal Gear Solid V that contained rogue Russian baddie who also served the role the main antagonist in Metal Gear Solid III.

The note alongside the figurine reads ‘Man on Fire’ but there is no denying that there exists a striking similarity between this ‘Man on Fire’ and Colonel Volgin. Take a look at it yourself:

Colonel Volgin

Colonel Volgin [1]

Those are clearly some bullets among his fingers, which add even more possibilities to the fact that he indeed is Volgin.

Long-term fans of the franchise will remember that he was caught up in fire, but still his death remained a mystery. What’s your take on this? Do you think he really is back from the dead?

Here are some more images on this outrageous Tumblr site – don’t pay too much attention on… Well, see for yourself!

Until Kojima officially confirms anything, take this with a grain of salt!

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