Legendary Reveals Warcraft Movie Logo, Weapons and Props

By   /   Jul 24, 2014

I understand that it hurts a little to now that the Warcraft Movie won’t be out for another 22 months, but we have got news! Legendary Pictures has revealed the official logo of the film along with couple of weapons and props.

While preparing for a discussion panel at Comic Con 2014, they unveiled the Lion Shield, the Dragon Sword and the infamous Doomhammer! You can see all three of them in the images at the end of the article.

Although we have been hearing a lot about the Warcraft movie since a long time, the filming was actually started in January this year. The project was kick-started at the Canadian Motion Picture Park Vancouver.

It took almost five months for Legendary to complete the filming and back in May this year, the movie director Duncan Jones confirmed that the movie was now complete.

That might make you think that the release date would (or at least should) be around the corner, but sadly that is not the case. Although it was slated for a release in December this year – alongside Star Wars Episode VII – the plan was delayed to 2016.

Why take almost 24 months for post-production, you might ask. Well the CEO of Legendary Pictures and the producer for the film Thomas Tull explained that they had done some amazing sequences in the movie but they wanted to present them right so that the movie holds its ground among the competition. For that reason, they needed a longer time period.

Right now, the Warcraft Movie is slated for a release on March 11, 2016.

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