Episodic RPG Majestic Nights Seeks Conspiracy Theories

By   /   Jul 24, 2014

Australian Developer Epiphany Games has announced a new title, called Majestic Nights. It’s an episodic roleplaying game (RPG) on PC that will take place in the eighties.

Inspiration for Majestic Nights comes from conspiracy theories set forth from the moon landing, going into the Cold War, where secret operations and shady activity was at an unprecedented high. It will have multiple story paths, which start in the year 1981.

Majestic Nights sports an isometric view, with outlined 3D characters and a comic aesthetic, a little like The Walking Dead from Telltale Games. It even throws in the neon colors from The Wolf Among Us.

In more similarities to Telltale titles, Majestic Nights will rely a lot on conversations with people. Another part in the game is a stealth mechanism, which will be used to explore and investigate.

Additionally, Majestic Nights promises goofier things, such as Nazi aliens and keytars. One may be a little more farfetched than the other.

While there are multiple episodes to Majestic Nights, which each cost an amount of money left to be determined, there will be a freebie included. Its prologue, Chapter 0, will be offered for free to get a taste of its universe.

Chapter 0 will be available in September, while the rest is detailed to go into 2015 up to April.

Those who want to stick to a single purchase can buy a Season Pass, which comes with an added soundtrack. Majestic Nights will release for PC, iOS and Android.

Prior to this RPG, developer Epiphany Games worked on Frozen Hearth, an ambitious real-time strategy title. It didn’t fare too well, as it sports a 46 rating on Metacritic.

Here’s hoping Majestic Nights provides a clean slate.

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