DriveClub Cars Required 1000 Pictures and Original Reference Material for Design

By   /   Jul 24, 2014

Did you think it was a piece of cake for developing studios to design a car if they had been at it for a while? If you did, you are mistaken.

As an evidence of how much an effort needs to be put in before the DriveClub cars are created, the developers say that they usually took 1000 pictures of the real thing.

Game director for DriveClub, Paul Rustchynsky of Evolution Studios was talking about the process of converting a real car into one for the game when he explained the resources they used for it when he explained that each car took the original computer design data from the manufacturer as well as thousands of pictures:

We start with reference material that is the same computer design data that the car manufacturer uses to create the actual cars in a factory, and we follow that up with a photo-shoot where our designers take around 1,000 photographs covering every square inch of the car, inside and out.

He then explained how the design of all DriveClub cars was built by them by hand and from scratch.

Whether it was the metal or the carbon-fiber chassis, the layers of paints or the matching colored stitching on the leather covering the steering wheel; they take everything and create it just the way it is desired.

It is good to hear that Evolution is not skipping even the smallest of details as things like that can quite easily take away all the charm from the game.

Have you checked out the DriveClub cars? Which ones would you be picking up when the game hits PS4 on October 7?

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