Bayonetta 2 New Screenshots Put Focus On Main Characters

By   /   Jul 24, 2014

The highly anticipated Wii U title Bayonetta 2 is going to launch in just couple of months and to get the fans excited for the game, Famitsu has released bunch of new screenshots of the game.

The released screens showcase the main characters of the game in all their glory:

Bayonetta 2 begins few months after the events of the first title as you will once again be put in shoes of the famous Witch.

The gameplay elements take direct inspiration from the previous title as you will be relying on the melee combat for most of the time and occasionally use the ranged pistols to take down the enemies.

There is also a feature in the game that slows down the time if you dodge the enemy’s attack right at the final moment. Utilizing this feature, players will be able to retaliate against the opponents at a better pace and take them out.

There is also a new feature added to Bayonetta 2 called Umbran Climax, which can be activated once you have the full magic bar, and this ability will make your attacks even stronger and combos will have an extra effect on the opponents.

Bayonetta 2 is scheduled to release on 20th of September in Japan, while the rest of the world will get it in October.

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