Train Fever Boosts Simulators With Procedural Generation

By   /   Jul 23, 2014

There’s another one of those simulator games headed to Steam with Train Fever. Before you stop reading, however, take a minute with us to see why exactly we’re singling out this title.

While there are similarities with the generic brand of simulator games, Train Fever will bring its own flair. For instance, the game spans over 150 years of history.

This means that you won’t be restricted to just one type of train, as there are also steam engines, but even more varying vehicles like trams or a veritable horse cart.

Do those other games let you drive a horse? We didn’t think so.

Its most important factor, however, is that Train Fever will significantly be able to improve gameplay through procedural generation. Maps are built at random and can be adjusted to will.

By leaving out a fixed grid, you can twist and turn buildings and constructions more freely. It manages to do so in a rather sleek presentation.

Train Fever will cost €24.99 when it releases on September 5, 2014. Right now, it’s possible to preorder the game through Steam for a 10% discount, which comes with a free soundtrack and a digital poster.

Ever since the success of Euro Truck Simulator 2 popularized these types of games on Steam, we’ve been bombarded with every sort of simulation genre, from goats to European ships on Early Access. Train Fever will seek to bring back a “tycoon” style of gameplay, where you manage the network, more than just playing with it.

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