Third Eye Crime, A Monaco-Like Game From Ex-Halo Devs

By   /   Jul 23, 2014

As part of one in many Steam titles releasing constantly, Third Eye Crime is available now for €4.99. This title is made by Moonshot Games, who previously worked on the Halo series with Bungie, before branching out into the indie world.

Probably the most immediate identifier for Third Eye Crime is its art style. Gameplay is shown in a top-down view with thick outlines and offsetting single-colored models.

It has a distinct comic book atmosphere, which it enhances with captured scenes in motion comic panels. Together with a jazz soundtrack, the game is fit for a detective noir adventure.

Third Eye Crime will remind a lot of onlookers of a clearer version of Monaco, as the objective here is quite similar. A protagonist, called Rothko, sneaks around certain buildings and locations, trying to pull off a heist.

While skulking around, you’ll need to avoid guards, bypass alarms and so on. These enemies have their own vision cones, much like other stealth titles.

To switch it up a little, Third Eye Crime makes use of a prediction path. Rothko can draw a line where the character will move to in order to map out a plan.

Since action proceeds in real time while a clock times down, the path element doesn’t quite play out as tactically as titles such as Frozen Synapse, but more like a pointer mechanism taken from Donnie Darko.

Unlike Monaco, however, Third Eye Crime is singleplayer only. Still, there are over 120 levels to tackle, so at least it doesn’t skip on content.

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