Colorful Shooter Lovely Planet On Steam Next Week

By   /   Jul 23, 2014

Publisher tinyBuild announced that Lovely Planet will come to Steam on July 31, 2014 for a low price of $5.99. That’s not a lot of time left to get excited about this strange yet captivating first-person shooter.

It’s doubtful that you’ve played a lot of games like Lovely Planet, though you may have had your fair share of shooters. Barely any of those will have been quite as colorful and unfitting in atmosphere as this title though.

Instead of the gritty cover-based standard of today, this first-person adventure uses a sense of slick minimalism and splatters it with section of single-colored enemies, environments and oddly-shaped extras.

In this world, you’ll be tasked with routing out your blocky enemies, while they try to gun you down with an array of bullets as well. It enhances the model with mobility, having you weave through perils and jump to new heights to take on your adversaries.

Lovely Planet will have hundreds of these colorful levels with secrets to find. Apparently it has a story as well. We wonder what that would be like in this universe.

Publisher tinyBuild seems to be a fan of these oddball games. Recently, the company helped bring Fearless Fantasy to Steam, a movement-based parody on roleplaying games in the genre of Final Fantasy.

Developer of Lovely Planet, Quicktequila, is a one-man team operating from India. It’s always inspiring to see what creative ideas these miniature projects can lead to.

There are still a ton of games releasing daily on Steam these days, so try to keep Lovely Planet on the radar for a week.

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