This New Logo of Sony Santa Monica Studio is Better than Last One

By   /   Jul 23, 2014

People at Sony Santa Monica Studio are super siked about the new face of their company, their new logo. They previously had a rather hideous looking logo and I for one am certainly glad that they got rid of it.

Shannon Studstill, the director at Sony Santa Monica Studio took to the official PlayStation Europe Blog to reveal the new logo as well as to discuss what was the ideology behind the design that they decided stick with.

If compared to their previous logo, the new one presents a much subtle look and is, despite its simplicity, quite more welcoming for the eyes. Studstill said that it took them over a year to finally settle on this logo and that it boasts of their inventiveness:

“Over one year ago, the creative process of developing our new studio logo began, bringing together team members across different departments of our studio to collaborate and engage in this journey. When you think about establishing a new brand identity, it is about more than an image, it is our promise to our fans that we will continue our tradition of inventive and exceptional games. Now, one year later, we are proud to reveal a logo that celebrates all of our games.”

He says that the logo is a dynamic window into their games and that the games were the studio’s brand which would now be exemplified by the logo.

You may read up on the detailed post regarding the new logo of Sony Santa Monica Studio at the PlayStation Blog.

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