You Might Get State of Decay Xbox One Version in the Future

By   /   Jul 23, 2014

How many of you were outright fans of the stealth and survival elements in the third person open world zombie horror video game State of Decay? It has been over a year since the game was released to the last generation console of Microsoft, don’t you think it would be nice to get to play a State of Decay Xbox One Version?

Obviously we are not the authority but as far as bated breath is concerned, it would surely be a crowd turner. For people who just love those ugly looking zombies – like me.

So there are other people who want the same and some took their hopes to Twitter asking the developer Undead Labs about the future of the game. One certain tweet talked about the sweet dreams of having a TV show based on the game as well as a State of Decay Xbox One version. To this, the dev said that while the former was not in their hands, ‘they will do their best on the latter.’

This gave rise to another conversation where they were asked if they had changed their mind about the port since it was previously understood that they didn’t want an Xbox One version of the game. Here again, the devs said that they ‘didn’t think so over a year ago and then it changed too I didn’t know,’ now their official statement is that the possibility is ‘under discussion.’

That is quite a tease!

So tell us, what would you give to get the State of Decay Xbox One version out soon?

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