Microsoft Manages to Move 1.1 Million Xbox One and Xbox 360s in Q2

By   /   Jul 23, 2014

It is a known fact that the sales of Microsoft’s latest console have always lagged behind that of Sony’s PlayStation 4. However, the company keeps trying hard to cut the gap as much as they can.

For instance they have claimed that the quarter ended June 31, 2014 has brought them console sales of more than 1.1 million units combined.

While detailing their earning’s call, Microsoft announced that 1.1 million is actually a combined figure of the Xbox One and Xbox 360 units shipped.

The first thing to notice in this is that the figures are not of the number of consoles ‘sold,’ rather they are talking about the number of consoles that they have sent to the retailers – the number of consoles sold from among them could be anything from a small portion to almost all of it.

Secondly, it is important to note that since this is a combined figure for both generations of consoles, there should have been a distinction between the two so that we could understand how each of the consoles has fared separately. However, Microsoft didn’t give specific numbers for Xbox One.

The upside is that their revenue has increased in comparison to the same period from last year. The revenue was $104 million, which is a 14 percent increment over the previous period.

That being said, Sony announced back in April that they had ‘sold’ over 7 million PlayStation 4 units, which compares to 5 million Xbox Ones ‘shipped’ by Microsoft until the same time.

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