League of Legends New Cinematic Video ‘A New Dawn’ is Worth Watching

By   /   Jul 23, 2014

Riot Games has released a new cinematic video showcasing some of the League of Legends’ champions in action.

This new cinematic video is almost 7 minutes long and is titled as “A New Dawn.” After watching it for the first time, my first impression was as if Riot is planning a whole new movie however, it turned out to be a pleasure that was short lived. .

Riot’s animator Rylan Davies in behind the scenes video describes, that the need to make this kind of cinematic arises because Riot wanted its players to feel a close connection with the characters.

I think we wanted players to come away with this feeling a stronger connection to the characters they play as. I play Jax a lot and seeing him in cinematic form gives you a lot more of an attachment to the character.

I think it’s just about fleshing things out. Who are these characters? What is the world really like that they live in? So when you play the game you get a very small piece of a much broader story that we want to tell.

With the amount of champions available for League of Legends, it was impossible for Riot to include all of them in a single video, but they managed to do a pretty good job.

Check out the full video above and see your favorite champions of League of Legends including Nautilus, Leona, Darius, Draven, Rengaer, Ahri, Graves, Zyra, Katarina and Jax in action.

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