Heroes of the Storm: Artifacts System Unveiled

By   /   Jul 23, 2014

Blizzard recently mentioned a new Artifacts system being added to the alpha of Heroes of the Storm and today saw the developer explaining what it will exactly be.

The Artifacts system is similar to the Rune pages that League of Legends has. If you’re familiar with those, then you’ll instantly understand the concept. Unlocking Artifact slots allows players to fill them with a variety of Gems, Relics and Trinkets. Each one gives some sort of boost or gameplay enhancement that in turn means good news for your heroes.

In short, filled Artifact slots gives players more customization options. For example a hero that’s relatively low-mobile can get a greater movement speed through the use of the right Artifact.

A player unlocks the first Gem Artifact slot when he reaches Level 15. There are two additional slots to unlock but these are behind a pay-wall. The second one is the Relic, while the third is the Trinket Artifact slot. They both cost 2,000 Gold each to unlock.

A wide variety of Gems, Relics and Trinkets will be available in the game’s shop for sale. The prices on these will vary according to their attributes. All of your purchased Artifacts will be visible at the Hero Selection Screen, from where you can select whatever rune you want to use in accordance to your picked hero.

Blizzard also revealed that each Artifact can be upgraded that will in turn makes its respective attributes stronger. Each Artifact maxes out at Level 10. The first level upgrade will cost 100 Gold, after which each upgrade will cost an additional 100 Gold, with the final being 1000 Gold.

The next game update will bring in six Gems, four Relics, and four Trinkets. Blizzard has detailed each one on their official website. The Bold Amethyst Gem for example increases maximum health by 1.5% per rank, up to a maximum of 15% at Rank 10. The Alexstraza’s Scale Relic increases health regeneration by 0.1% of your maximum health per second per rank, up to a maximum of 1% of your maximum health per second at Rank 10.

You can browse through them all by heading to the official website.

Source Battle.net

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