GTA V Online Gets Classic GTA Inspired Missions With Community’s Help

By   /   Jul 23, 2014

Rockstar has an amazing community which comes up with great ideas to create new jobs in GTA V Online to keep the experience fresh for the players.

This time it was no different, as numerous dedicated users managed to re-create some of the best missions from previous GTA entries, which will now be playable in GTA V Online.

First mission approved by Rockstar to be added in GTA V Online is from GTA III called The Exchange. This is basically a Deathmatch which is re-imagining of the final mission of GTA III, in which Claude took on the Colombian Cartel.

Second approved mission is also from GTA III called Bomb da Base, in which Calude and 8-Ball, team up to blow up the Cargo ship.

Third approved mission is from GTA Vice City called Four Irons, which is a remake of a golf course mission in which you had to leave your weapons behind and rely on the golf clubs.

Next three jobs are from the infamous GTA San Andreas title which will bring back some awesome memories. These missions are called Farewell My Love, Valet Parking and High-Stakes Low Rider.

There are a number of biker gangs in the GTA V Online and Rockstar has especially approved a job for them, which is directly inspired from Lost and Damned expansion of GTA IV. This mission is called GTA: Lost Angels.

Finally, the handheld version of GTA called the Chinatown Wars will also make its presence known in the jobs as two of its missions have also been approved.

These are all great additions to GTA V Online, as they not only bring back the memories of awesome GTA titles but also bring a fresh experience to the game.

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