Battlefield 4 Final Stand DLC Delayed to Fall 2014 or Early 2015

By   /   Jul 23, 2014

It is a different question whether they have done so to reduce the gap between new Battlefield 4 content and the next Battlefield game or for any other untold reason, but Battlefield 4 Final Stand DLC has been delayed to the year’s end.

Originally, DICE was supposed to release the last DLC of Battlefield 4 by summers this year but along with the release of Electronic Arts’ Earnings Conference Call minutes for the first quarter of fiscal year 2015, it has been confirmed that we won’t be getting the expansion anytime sooner than the third quarter of their ongoing fiscal year i.e. between October 24, 2014 and January 2015.

The news was confirmed by the chief executive officer of Electronic Arts Andrew Wilson who also provided a detailed analysis of the company’s performance as well as their future plans.

A summary of the earnings call has been put up on the official website of Electronic Arts as well; you might go there and read up on the rest of the facts.

That being said, Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth DLC which is the latest so far, was released to premium members couple of days ago while the rest of the community will be able to get their hands on it by July 29 i.e. a week from now.

Electronic Arts is also turning up the heat on Battlefield Hardline but it is clear that the game is not going to be released anytime sooner than 2015. I guess waiting for Battlefield 4 Final Stand DLC will have to do for now.

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