The International 4 – NewBee Wins Dota 2’s Historical Grand Prize

By   /   Jul 22, 2014

And so it ends, The International 4, the tournament with the highest prizepool in the history of gaming has crowned NewBee as the world’s greatest team.

During this last week, the world’s 16 best Dota 2 teams have been battling it out in Seattle for a total prizepool of around 11 Million Dollars.

This year for the first time ever, we got an all Chinese Grand Finals that featured NewBee against ViCi Gaming.

Both teams had completely different stories along the tournament. ViCi dominated the Round Robin with an impressive 12 wins and 3 losses giving the first place and a direct seed into the Main Event Upper Bracket.

NewBee on the other hand, started the tournament in a really shaky way with 7 wins and 8 losses, having to play tiebreakers to fight for survival. Due to their 10th place finish in the Round Robin, they had to go through the Bubble Race but they were on fire. They’ve beaten the South East Asian hope Titan, the 2011 champions Na’Vi and the 2012 champions iG to claw their way into the Main Event Upper bracket.

Both of these teams faced each other in the first round, but NewBee managed to knock ViCi down to the Lower Bracket with a 2-1 win. NewBee dominated the American Evil Geniuses and advanced to the Grand Finals.

Meanwhile, ViCi Gaming had a really tough fight against fan favourites Cloud 9 with a clutch 2-1 victory with bad luck for the International squad. ViCi then dominated DK by 2-0, moved forward to face and beat Evil Geniuses by 2-1 and finally move on to the Grand Finals to get the rematch against NewBee.

The Grand Finals was a best of 5 match and ViCi who seemed to have won the fan’s respect with the personality of rOtk got off to a great start.

Game 1 ViCi had a well thought plan, giving Sylar his Lone Druid and Super his Brewmaster, with great rotations by Fy on the Shadow Shaman, managed to overcome NewBee’s discipline for a fast 20 minute game in favor of VG.

Unfortunately everything seemed to fall apart for ViCi Gaming after the first game. They became too predictable with their drafts, allowing NewBee to get better lanes and snowball for fast wins. Games 2, 3 and 4 all went in favor of NewBee with pretty much the same story, stronger lanes, failed rotations and questionable plays by VG made up for a really anti-climactic Grand Final.

While on game 2 VG had only a glimmer of fight left in them, games 3 and 4 were just plain choked and NewBee won both of them in just 16 minutes!

Here are the final moments of the Grand Final

Congratulations to NewBee! Here is the final prize distribution:

  • 1st place $5.029.000 – NewBee
  • 2nd place $1.476.000 – ViCi Gaming
  • 3rd place $1.039.000 – Evil Geniuses
  • 4th place $820.000 – Team DK
  • 5th/6th place $656.000 – Cloud 9 and LGD
  • 7th/8th place $520.000 – Na’Vi and Invictus Gaming
  • 9th/10th place $50.000 – Titan and Team Liquid
  • 11th/12th place $38.000 – Alliance and Mousesports
  • 13th/14th place $22.000 – Empire and Fnatic
  • 15th/16th place $0 – Arrow and Na’Vi.US

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