Sins of the Prophets Version 0.56 is Out, Brings Balance, Tweaks and Other Gameplay Changes

By   /   Jul 22, 2014

Sins of the Solar Empire: Rebellion’s mod called Sins of the Prophets version 0.56 has been released and in this latest update you will see a lot new changes and features that will make your experience, even more fun.

First biggest change that has been done with the update is improving the gameplay balance so that the players will not face any kind of issue while they are busy playing the game.

Other changes done to the Sins of The Prophets include 30 new planets and this number is not including any Forerunner locations. Also, the game will now feature an updated soundtrack to keep things fresh.

The update also brings new voiceovers, so that the experience of the players will  feel more realistic. Furthermore, win and lose screens for both factions have been updated with custom art.

In addition to that, some major tweaks and changes have been done to Covenant and UNSC which you can read in detail on the mod’s official page.

Some changes to Flood have also been made, check them out below:

  • Flood no longer accept bidding for who they are going to attack. Their behavior is now independant of player actions.
  • Pure form Flood Carriers are now in and ready to scare the shit out of you.

If you are encountering any issue while downloading Sins of the Prophets mod or are wondering how the game will look and feel after this new update, then check out the video above which was released by the developers alongside the version 0.56 update.

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