Hyrule Warriors Gets Sheik, Darunia and Princess Ruto as Playable Characters

By   /   Jul 22, 2014

The latest edition of the Famitsu magazine has revealed that Sheik, Darunia and Princess Ruto will be among the playable characters in the highly anticipated title, Hyrule Warriors.

All of these characters are from the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, which was released on N64 way back in 1998.

The number of playable characters in Hyrule Warriors keeps on increasing as developers add more fan favorite characters into the game.

All of the characters that have made into the upcoming hack n slash title will bring their own unique move-set, so that the experience of players will stay fresh if they decide to play the game again, choosing a different character.

However, no more details have been provided on the new characters, but with release happening later this year, I am sure developers will release a trailer for each character showing off their special moves.

In addition to unveiling these characters, the magazine also states that Lana and Impa will be getting a second weapon as well.

Hyrule Warriors is an amalgam of Dynasty Warriors franchise and Legend of Zelda franchise, as it takes the characters from Zelda series and puts them in the game, where gameplay is fast paced just like Dynasty Warriors.

Hyrule Warriors is set to launch on 14th of August in japan, while the rest of the world will get it after September 19th.

Source: Famitsu

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