Randy Pitchford Defends Company’s Decision for Battleborn Instead of Borderlands 3

By   /   Jul 22, 2014

The president of Gearbox Software Randy Pitchford on his twitter account, has defended the company’s decision to go for a new IP Battleborn instead of making Borderlands 3.

Battleborn was revealed not too long ago as a first person shooter, which contained some elements of MOBA genre, but Randy emphasizes that this is not the case and the upcoming title is an original FPS title.

Calling Battleborn a MOBA would be like calling Borderlands a Diablo clone. It’s a full, complete, stand-alone, original retail game.

Continuing on, he said that new IP was better way to go for the developers rather than milking the Borderlands series and if Gearbox didn’t believe in the theory of NEW, then there was no way that a game like Borderlands would have been existed, because the company would just have tried to make the sequels of previous titles.

Everyone said the same thing about Borderlands. If we didn’t bet on new, Borderlands itself never would’ve existed. Lots of people LOVE Borderlands. It’s perfectly fair and awesome for people to want more of something they love.

If you’re going to bet on the future, you’ve got to bet on new.

Gearbox is currently working on Battleborn and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and after both of them have seen the light of day, only then developer will think about the next game in Borderlands series.

Battleborn is scheduled to arrive sometime next year, while Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel will release on 14th of October, later this year.

Source: Randy Pitchford Twitter

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