People Want Beards in Destiny, There is a Petition Already

By   /   Jul 22, 2014

If you have played the Destiny Beta, or have spent even a bit of time surfing the internet about the upcoming games, you would know that the game comes with a shitload of customization options for your character. However, one thing is still missing: the beard.

All Things Xbox have put up a petition for all the fans of the game who have played it and feel that there should be the option to add facial hair to the Guardians when we are creating them:

“For the attention of Deej and fellow Bungie co-workers; I present to you this petition. The names below have all agreed to the suggestion of adding beards to the character creation tool in your upcoming title, Destiny. My fellow gaming brothers and sisters of the community have signed this petition to raise awareness of our desire to give our guardians a beard as mighty as that of both Sage’s and Jon’s! I hope this message reaches you well and thank you for taking the time to hear our cry. Your friends and family, beard-wanting gamers from around the world.”

On the guardian creation screen you choose between three races out of which one is Humans. You can choose the hairstyle, face, markings, colors options and a lot more but you can neither add a beard or a moustache.

If you also think that the option should be added to Destiny head over to the petition right now and do what you can do for it.

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