Mighty No. 9 Shows Elemental And Blade Transformations

By   /   Jul 22, 2014

Mega Man in spirit, Mighty No. 9, has released yet more gameplay footage of its development process. This time, we follow the side-scrolling game to some new areas.

As already noted a few times, the clip opens up with titular protagonist Beck swiping through stunned enemies. This racks up a combo meter.

Additionally, there’s a set of markers periodically appearing either directly above Beck or on the top left of the screen. These things timing down would indicate temporary modifiers that affect gameplay.

After the usual industrial levels, we turn to a more watery environment, which focuses heavily on ice, as a lot of classic platform titles do. There is also a differing selection of enemies to be seen here, though most do retain the swipe-through mechanism.

After that, we can see Call, another character in Mighty No. 9, roaming around what probably still is a level heavily in development. There’s not a lot of difference in movement, except that Call is displayed clinging on the side of walls and crawling underneath enemy fire.

Further on, Beck showcases the ability to transform in the suits of defeated bosses. This includes the usual fire and ice themes, but also a spinning blade attack and a heavy gunner. A quick glimpse of these boss fights makes it to the trailer as well.

Mighty No. 9 is currently headed for release in 2015 for just about every platform imaginable. Additionally, the developer wants to branch out and make an animated series, which would come out in 2016.

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