Gravity-Based Crashed Lander, Well, Lands On PC

By   /   Jul 22, 2014

Independent developer Don Whitaker has released Crashed Lander on PC. It’s available through or IndieGameStand for $7.

Crashed Lander follows a cubic little space ship, as it tries to navigate through alien environments and land on safe surfaces. Shapes are fairly simple, but more than weird enough to stay oddly fascinating, like a surrealist painting.

There are several game modes in Crashed Lander. Its main gameplay team is to navigate the ship to a series of landing platforms that may or may not be heavily obstructed.

For instance, some landing pads are hidden underneath natural environments, while others can be seen floating around on revolving spheres. It’s going to take some precision to make that touchdown.

Naturally, Crashed Lander is affected by physics for its momentum, approach and so on. It urges players to maneuver with care, to retain control of their vehicle.

Aside from the landing element, Crashed Lander also has a Ring Runner mode, where the goal is simply to race through checkpoints as quickly as possible. There are ten of these levels, while the main mode gets 24 stages.

For the true pioneer, Crashed Lander supports Oculus Rift. With some collectibles hidden in each level, there’s also material to come back to the game.

Crashed Lander isn’t on Steam just yet, but it does have a Greenlight page that could put it there at some point in the near future. We know you guys like your Steam titles, so maybe you can beat the curve and get the game early.

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