Forced 2: The Rush Revealed From Previously Homeless Dev

By   /   Jul 22, 2014

Danish developer BetaDwarf announced Forced 2: The Rush for PC, coming to Steam in 2015. It’s the sequel to the first Forced release and will use similar top-down visuals.

Forced 2: The Rush is an action roleplaying game (RPG) with a multitude of colorful 3D designs and flashy effects. Gameplay is seen from rather far away to keep a clear view of the environment.

For this title, the developer will move away from the cooperative gameplay from their first game, to create a more competitive style. Now, Champions must fight to stay ahead of others, instead of helping them out.

Characters can be helped by assembling a deck of cards in Forced 2: The Rush. These items will help hurt or heal Champions, along with a range of other weapons and spells.

In the game, characters will need to run through a gauntlet, persecuted by a Demolisher that gradually approaches to eat the end of the stage. Each arena is filled with an assortment of different traps and gets randomly generated for added replay value.

After half of the Champions have died, the other half will be rewarded with new cards for your deck.

It’s sort of a miracle to see Forced 2: The Rush being made in the first place. Originally, developer BetaDwarf had to resort to vagrancy, living in a school for a while, before being kicked out.

Their story has taken the team to living together in a communal house and even taking out a loan, just to complete their title, despite Kickstarter success. They sort of use this as a marketing tool now, indicating the pictured tale is the second most popular on hosting site Imgur, but it’s so extraordinary that we won’t mind.

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