Dark Souls 2 Patch 1.08 is a Gargantuan of an Update

By   /   Jul 22, 2014

From Software is gearing up for the Lost Crown Trilogy that is going to hit the game and bring a whole lot of new content for you to enjoy. In order to get the game ready for the downloadable content packs, the developers have released Dark Souls 2 Patch 1.08 – which has patch notes that are, if nothing more, worth a double black coffee.

That being said, the patch is not only aimed at getting rid of the bugs and issues. The Dark Souls 2 Patch 1.08 goes hard on rebalancing the game’s equipment. A huge range of weapons have been buffed while some have been handicapped, some armor will now be more durable, some will have lower defense and it goes on just like that.

Other than that, the ‘health recovery items can no longer be used during any PvP,’ this was one of the requested changes for a while.

The Lost Crown trilogy, for which the Dark Souls 2 Patch 1.08 is setting the grounds is supposed to go live with the first installment known as Crown of the Sunken King. This episode is supposed to go live today i.e. July 22.

Second and third installments of the trilogy that are called Crown of the Old Iron King and the Crown of the Ivory King are scheduled to release later on August 26 and September 24 respectively.

If you wish to check out the full length of patch notes for Dark Souls 2 Patch 1.08, we suggest that you head to the Steam Community page of the game where the whole length of them was shared recently.

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