Collectems, a Pokemon Like Game is Headed to PS4 and Vita

By   /   Jul 22, 2014

An indie studio The Layabouts seems quite impressed from the Pokemon universe. They have announced a new monster collecting role playing game, Collectems. Headed to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, it has some elements that even make the game look like Pokemon.

Collectems is going to have elements of exploration where you go to various locales in anon-linear landscape. You will get different species of the collectibles where each one will have its own strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, each playthrough is going to be a random experience where either the collectibles or the environments are going to be new everytime.

The Collectems are going to be trained in turn based battles – death will be permanent though you will be allowed to implant their DNA into others.

“Assuming the role of an adolescent in the relatively isolated Tamota Peninsula, players venture into a land where strange mutant creatures called Collectems have ravaged the natural ecosystem. Taken in as anything from household pets and workplace assistants to biological weapons of mass destruction, they captured the hearts of millions, becoming a full-blown culture-defining phenomenon.”

Now, the story tells that the father of the player disappears and his business gets destroyed; now the player is in debt. So, the players are going to earn money to pay for the debts as well as rebuild the business of the character’s father using the special powers of the Collectems.

From the looks of it, Collectems might be a cross save and cross buy functional game. Currently it is in the early stages of development so there is going to be some time before we really get to know more about it.

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