Bayonetta 2 Uses Belgian Palace And Italian Architecture In Game

By   /   Jul 22, 2014


In a recent blog from developer Platinum Games, the company discusses some of the inspiration that they’ve been researching to make Bayonetta 2 the sparkling game it is. Hiroki Onishi, lead environmental artist on the project, discusses a trip to Europe to take in some of the local architecture.

First off, the Platinum Games team headed over to Belgium, initially just to visit Bruges and the Cathedral of Our Lady. When arriving from a 12-hour flight in Brussels, however, they found out that the Royal Palace was open to the public at the time, so they dropped by there first.

bayonetta 2

It’s impressive to see the level of detail and similarities the developer managed to translate from the palace’s arches and detailed flooring into the game’s environment. In the post, the Bayonetta 2 artist stated:

The building we created for Bayonetta 2 ended up being a little more stylized than we originally planned, but I’m happy with how it turned out. I think its impact on the player is stronger than before.

Platinum Games’ favorite location in the trip did turn out to be the cathedral in Bruges. In particular, the peculiarly reflecting stained glass windows managed to strike the team with its many colors.

bayonetta 2

After Belgium, the company headed over to Italy for some known locations, such as Florence and Venice, which is also used in games like Tomb Raider. In the former, it used the long cobblestone roads as a source of inspiration, while the latter was, naturally, admired for its wiling waterways.

bayonetta 2 firenze

In particular, Onishi wants to convey the importance of the watery paths, as everything there is transported mostly through boats and not cars. It certainly makes Bayonetta 2 look even more gorgeous than we already thought it was.

It’s sometimes hard to believe these screenshots come from the game itself.

bayonetta 2

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