Spec Ops: The Line Will Not Have a Sequel, Says the Developer

Spec Ops: The Line gained very decent reviews upon its launch, however, it couldn’t make an impact in terms of sales, which is why developer has confirmed that there will be no Spec Ops 2.

Spec Ops: The Line success was mostly due to its incredible storyline, which steped aside from the regular stories and showed the dark side of war, other than that the gameplay was quite similar to any other third person shooter out there.

Comparing the game to other mainstream shooters in the market, managing director Timo Ullman said:

If you can’t compete with the big ones, the risk is too big. The market for “smart” or “intellectual” games is too niche, Elitist almost.

Knowing that their game wasn’t a success commercially , developers have decided to take a new route with their upcoming space title Dreadnought, which will contain no bodies, no dead women and children and it will be all about fun.

However, Yager Studios is happy that they worked on a game like Spec Ops: The Line as it will remain one of the games that helped company raise their profile in the gaming industry.

Do you think most of the gamers are opting for regular shooters like Call of Duty and Battlefield and are ignoring the rest? 

Source: Gamestar