Naughty Dog Brainstorming Ideas For The Last of Us 2

By   /   Jul 21, 2014

Naughty Dog has revealed that it is currently mapping out a suitable path to take for a sequel to The Last of Us.

Speaking with VideoGamer, Community Strategist Arne Meyer stated that failing to consider The Last of Us 2 after the reception of the first one “would be a disservice to ourselves and our fans.”

That’s terrific news for fans. Naughty Dog is taking the idea of an installment very seriously. From Meyer’s talks it seems like Naughty Dog has not really started development for the game and is merely gathering ideas.

“I think we always make a smart decision in that all of our games are self-contained stories so they don’t have to continue if we don’t want them to or if there’s no reason for them to continue,” said Meyer.

It was also revealed that unless the studio finds a suitable storyline that promises an exhilarating experience like the first one, Naughty Dog will drop the idea of making the game, for at least until they come up with something good.

“We’re just starting to explore ideas of what more could there be in this universe and starting that decision process. That doesn’t mean the end result is guaranteed.”

In either case, The Last of Us 2 is not going to arrive anytime soon. Both creative director Neil Druckmann and game director Bruce Straley are now leading development on next year’s Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. It’s highly unlikely that Naughty Dog will even create any hype for The Last of Us 2 before Uncharted’s release.

Source VideoGamer

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