Dota 2 The International 4 Grand Finals – ViCi Gaming Vs NewBee

By   /   Jul 21, 2014

Day 3 of the Main Event at the Key Arena in Seattle was yet another amazing action-packed game with the 2nd Grand Finalist team decided!

Vici Gaming will fight against NewBee in a Best of 5 match competing for the Aegis and Grand Prize of over 5 Million Dollars!

The Grand Finals will begin in the 21st of July at 9am PDT/17pm GMT and they will be broadcasted on ESPN 2, as well as inside the Dota 2 Client, the Dota 2 TI4 website and the Dota 2 TwitchTV.

With the stocks in The Secret Shop running out and some amazing cosplay going around, 4 teams out of the last 6 teams have fallen today.

The day started out with VG playing against the last European team Cloud 9, who managed to take an impressive game 2 win with sick plays on the Meepo by SingSing. Unfortunately, Cloud 9 then risked everything to go for a level 1 Roshan that got busted by VG so they got 3 kills before the creeps spawned and it turned the game into a huge uphill fight which C9 was unable to overcome.

The other match of the same round featured DK against LGD. The latter who was 1-0 for winning on Day 2, went for a Sniper that got completely punished by DK and through the back of Mushi’s Outworld Devourer, DK overpowered LGD and tied the score. Game 3 of this match, DK’s heavy burst lineup with the Elder Titan proved to be too much for LGD so they won and went on to face VG on the next round.

DK drafted Burning’s Anti Mage on game 1, which was heavily exploited by VG with heavy pushing heroes that quickly controlled the map and starved DK’s gold income. Game 2 was a spectacular game but in the end, Sylar’s Morphling grew too much for DK to handle and Vici took the series 2-0 and moved on to the next round.

The final match of the day featured VG  who had a huge momentum with all these victories against the home American team, Evil Geniuses. Game 1’s outcome was really unexpected, as it ended in just 16minutes in favor of the Chinese squad, one of the fastest games in the tournament. In game 2, VG looked really strong in the beginning but EG came back into the game through the back of amazing Chronospheres by EG’s Universe on the Faceless Void, which led them to tie the score.

The final game was again short like game 1  as VG punished EG’s greed really hard and took another really fast 16minute win to move on the the Grand Finals.

Even though he won and was so happy, rOtk then went on emotional to talk about his best friend, Team DK’s Burning, and how he was told to win the tournament in this interview with Kaci.

The International 4’s Main Event bracket ends like this:

Dota 2 The International 4

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