The Sims 4: Premium Membership Detailed

By   /   Jul 20, 2014

The Sims 4 Premium Membership has been detailed and will feature both exclusive and early access items.

The membership is similar to how EA has set up Battlefield’s premium membership and will also feature discounts on various deals, plus the already mentioned early access and exclusive content.

Additionally premium members will be granted priority position in server queues. That essentially translates into bad news for non-premium members in the case of server loads during the launching month. If that dreaded scenario comes into play, then there’s a high chance that the normal user will have to wait his/her turn, unless EA brings in more servers.

According to EA the first batch of exclusive packs for members will include spooky costume parties, New Year’s Eve parties and outdoor camping. There may be more that will be either added later on or revealed close to release day.

EA has also released a 15 minutes gameplay video, which is essentially the entire demo that they showed at E3 last month. Much of the footage has already been on the web for viewers but you can nonetheless check it out above.

Previously it was revealed that Sims will now no longer use vehicles or transport to get around. The video shows us just how travel will work in The Sims 4. The new system enables players to fast-travel from one location to the next, so each location is now contained within its own instance.

The Sims 4 is scheduled for release on September 2 for the PC and will arrive on Mac later on an unspecified date.

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