Heroes of the Storm: Hero Levels Announced

By   /   Jul 20, 2014

Blizzard has revealed a new leveling system for Heroes of the Storm, which in its core works similar to the progression system found in Hearthstone.

Players will have a player level, as well as individual levels for each hero. Playing your favorite hero helps increase its level and in turn unlock new heroic abilities, talents, skins and mounts.

Here’s how your hero will progress through the levels:

  1. Heroes Start Here
  2. Second Heroic Ability
  3. Six Additional Talents
  4. All Remaining Talents
  5. 500 Gold
  6. Hero Portrait / Mount Variation 1
  7. Skin Variation 1
  8. Skin Variation 2
  9. Hero Master Portrait / Mount Variation 2
  10. Master Skin Unlocked

The first four unlocks, and specially the starting two, are of vital importance since they effect your hero’s performance in-game. It goes without saying that having access to a hero’s second ability and the rest of the talents gives the player an immense advantage over the other.

The rest of the unlocks are purely cosmetics and basically allow you to brag about your progress. Reaching the latter levels for a particular hero will unlock “Master” versions, which include features such as golden borders and themes.

The player’s own level or XP bar will increase through with every game played and will unlock gold rewards, as well as other various features. The gold can be then used in the game’s shop to purchase items and cosmetics. According to Blizzard one of the new rewards added is called Artifacts but its use is unclear at this point.

“We’ll have much more information to share on that in the coming days,” said the developer.

via PCGamesN

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